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Nevada City Charter School

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Nevada City Charter teachers
Charter School teachers
Five students
Students doing archery
Archery class
Six students around cake
Students in pajamas on play structure on Pajama Day
Pajama Day
Classroom students having fun
Girl in library
Boy and girl students
Charter K-2 class students with Miss Maura

Miss Maura's TK-2 class on Spirit Day

Students taste-testing foods while blindfolded

Taste testing food samples in science lab

Charter K-2 students on Pajama Day

Pajama Day, Miss Maura's TK-2 class

Six students around cake
Baking class
On student doing dissection of owl pellet
5/6 Science class
Students showing art
Students with genetics lab creations

Genetics lab 7/8 science

Principal's Message Image

Principal's Message

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! I am truly honored and privileged to serve as Nevada City Charter School’s principal and am anxious for another amazing year partnering with the staff, students, parents, and community to ensure our students receive an unparalleled educational experience.
Nevada City Charter strives to provide a blended homestudy, on site enrichment, and community based class program that not only supports our students academically, but socially and emotionally. We are proud to offer a challenging educational program, a visual and performing arts program, an ever-growing sports program, and a host of amazing hands on learning opportunities that offer something for everyone. Nevada City Charter encourages its students find their passion, take ownership over their own learning, and to get involved and stay involved. We believe it is important to build and foster positive relationships, a sense of community, and participation in extracurricular opportunities.
The Nevada City Charter School’s philosophy is that learning best occurs when parents play an essential role in their children's education, and that learning goes beyond the schoolyard and school day. We believe that instructional activities are most effective when they are integrated and meaningful.  We empower our students view learning as a lifelong process and to understand that their input is valued, promoted and acknowledged.
I am honored to lead such an outstanding school community and eagerly anticipate a rewarding and successful year. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns, or input at any time.
Brynn Bourke

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Spirit Week - March 6th-8th

Tuesday - T-Shirt Day (all students will receive a free shirt in the morning), Charter Barter Cash-in Day Thursday - Pajama Day (wear your pajamas to show your school spirit)

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Facts and Numbers

  • $1200 for Goats, Heifer, Llama, Rabbits, Water Buffalo and Bees
  • 584 Seedlings Distributed to Families to Help Replant Forests
  • $1,195 Raised by students for St. Jude Math-a-thon
  • 80 Rebuilt Bikes Raffled to Loaves and Fishes. Additional 45 bikes were repaired