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Elective Class Descriptions

Crafts students will explore their creative sides and learn various skills to create tangible crafts.  Students will work with a variety of mediums, methods, and presentation forms.  Students will have fun and create beautiful works together. 
Technology students will use computers, including peripheral and mobile devices; to develop an understanding of the functions and uses of computer technology; the language used in the industry; possible applications of various computer-based technologies; and occupations related to computer technology hardware and software industries. Students will explore how they can use technology to express their passions, interests, and creativity.  The course of study will evolve based on student identified projects, and may include exploration of coding and programing, digital creation, video editing, digital live production, robotics, and graphic design. 
Spanish students begin to communicate in the target language through interpersonal speaking and writing, presentational speaking and writing, and interpretive reading and listening. Class will be conducted in a mis of Spanish and English. Students practice basic conversations in Spanish about what they want, need, plan, and know how to do, as well as describe people, places, and events.
Cross Country is a school sport offered in the fall for students in grades 4 through 8.  Individuals run on an approximately mile long courses with other schools from Nevada County.  Cross Country courses are mostly run across grassy fields, and dirt trails, and have a mixture of hills, and flat lands. The most rewarding thing about Cross Country is that students set their own goals and compete against themselves.  Everyone runs the same course and all are welcome to participate. Cross Country fosters a collective team spirit that reinforces the belief that: everyone is important, unique, and contributes to the team; to strive for personal improvement is as worthy as achieving it; everyone can reach their personal best; we can have fun, train hard, and race well; running can become a lifelong passion that is both healthy and fun!
Music students will study a variety of music concepts and techniques. Students will focus on a wide range of materials and processes stressing creativity, quality, and self-expression.
Writing is a fun-filled class designed to explore ways with words that go beyond traditional writing.  We will play games with word concepts and think “outside the box” to push our understanding of how language can be fun and creative.  Many genre will be incorporated, such as creative short story, poetry, argument, and double meanings within idioms, words, and phrases and how they have changed over time.  This class is designed to be both group collaboration and individual creativity.  No prior experience is needed,  just a sense of humor and playfulness!

Cultural Studies focuses on ancient cultures around the world. We will learn about their geography, foods, music, writing, art and mythologies. Some of the topics of study include Australian Aborigines, Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks and Romans.

Technology Class emphasizes the use of Google for Education. We will explore how to use Google Drive for storing and sharing information and documents. In addition, we will create presentations, conduct research, and create surveys. The goal is for students to not only know the basic components of the computer but to use up to date information sharing technology.

Makey Makey Turn everyday objects into touch pads and combine them with the internet. It's simply doing art, engineering, and everything in between.  Everyone is creative, inventive, and imaginative.  Everyone can create the future and change the world. We want students to think of themselves as makers and agents of change. When you have the "Maker's Mindset", you know you can change the world. 

Explorations in Literature will focus on high interest literature to explore and dive into character and plot development, vocabulary and literary techniques.  Students of all reading levels will enjoy the process of experiencing people and places come alive through the medium of good literature!